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A wall-mount fireplace can add a dramatic focal point in your home with little hassle and expense. They are becoming more popular due in large part to how easy they are to mount on the wall [and, of course, always follow the manufacturer’s directions] and how affordable they are.

Bioethanol Fireplaces Create Less Mess Than Traditional Fireplaces

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One advantage of a wall-mount fireplace is the lack of mess associated with a regular fireplace. It is so simple to use. Think of all the drudgery that comes with a traditional fireplace- hauling wood in, ushering out the smoky smell that lingers long after the fire is gone, and, of course, getting rid of the soot and ashes.
Our wall-mount fireplaces hang easily on your wall. That means no vents, no chimney, no electrical wiring to be run. No chimney also means no chimney sweep cleanup.

With our bio-ethanol and gel fuel fireplaces you will not deal with smoke or fumes. This way, you and your loved ones are not breathing in hazardous materials and your walls and ceilings will not grow dingy from smoke.

Space Saving Wall Mount Fireplaces

If you live in a smaller house or apartment, a wall-mount fireplace is a wonderful solution for you. Hanging the fireplace on a wall lets you enjoy obstacle-free walking through your room. These fireplaces are also portable. Imagine enjoying the fireplace in your living room on a Thursday evening while you and your family are cozily enjoying time together THEN bringing your wallmounted fireplace outside on a Friday night as you host a cookout for friends.

Skip The Remodel To Mount On The Wall

You get the idea of how easy it is to have a wallmount fireplace. You will not need to undertake an extensive, expensive remodeling project to add this fireplace. The most difficult task you face is deciding where you want to hang it. You can save your hard-earned money.

What wall can you hang your fireplace on? You want a flat, sturdy surface. There are a variety of wall surfaces you can mount your fireplace on including drywall, brick, stone, and tile. You want to avoid a wall that is covered by anything flammable like fabric or cloth because you will be hanging a fireplace that operates with real flame. When it is time to mount the fireplace, be sure you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. Typically there are spacers provided that you will screw onto the back of the fireplace so your fireplace is mounted tightly against the wall.

How Much Heat Does A Bioethanol Fireplace Create?

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A wall-mounted fireplace does not produce as much heat as a gas or traditional fireplace but it does provide heat. They are not designed to replace your home’s central heating source but they are excellent for knocking the chill off of a large room. You will naturally feel a greater impact in a smaller room. The heat of the fire is not escaping through a chimney so you feel more warmth than from a regular fire. This can allow you to keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature if you have your fireplace in a room where your family spends a lot of time. So now you get to enjoy your fireplace and save some money on your heat bill.

The size of the fireplace and the openness of the fuel tray determine how much heat is produced. It can be up to 13,000 BTU or 3.5 Kw/H of heating energy. That is enough to heat up to 375 square feet of your living space.

Your fireplace can give your room a major boost in the style department. It is a fairly unexpected touch to your wall since most people expect to see a more traditional fireplace. The style and color [you can get a glossy red model!] play a huge role in just how much of the wow factor you get but adding a wallmount fireplace to your décor is sure to boost your score in the design department. It is an added bonus that you get to enjoy the ambiance of real flame and heat from this beautiful piece of art.

Locate Your Fireplace In The Prime Position For Warmth And Ambiance

Do you have a large blank wall that is begging for a focal point? Or an entire room that feels a little blah and needs a pick-me-up? Rev up the drama in your room by hanging your wall mount fireplace! The flickering flames of fire bring romance where ever they are.

Because of the size, you can place the fireplace higher on the wall than you normally expect to see a fire. Mount it over a cabinet or couch. Hang it at eye level so your piece of fire artwork can be appreciated and enjoyed.

If you are adding your fireplace to a room where you have a television, think about how to coordinate the two. Do you want to enjoy the fireplace placed directly above or below the television or on a completely separate wall? If you are placing them on the same wall, you will want to be sure that you have adequate space between them. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you would like to use it in a more traditional manner, put your wall mount fireplace lower on the wall as you would a typical fireplace. If you’re inclined to give it a more traditional look, you could even lay a ceramic tile hearth down. You are really only limited by your imagination and how much extra work you are interested in doing.

Which Room To Mount Your Fireplace?

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Decisions, decisions. With the simplicity of our wall-mounted fireplaces, you can put one in unexpected places. Have you always wanted the touch of a fireplace in your kitchen? Well, here is your opportunity. Think of how luxurious your master bathroom will look and feel when you place a fireplace on the wall. You don’t have to limit yourself to the living room, you just need a wall with enough space for the fireplace.

Imagine having a fireplace hung in your dining room where you and your guests can bask in the glow while you enjoy dinner.

Have a beautiful view of the city from your window? Think of the impact a fireplace would have hung between the windows to accent it.

A wall mount fireplace in your basement is definitely a high impact, low cost update to make. It won’t take any space away from your game room and brings the warmth and ambiance of real flame.

The styles of wall mounted fireplaces blend in with a variety of decorating styles. They tend to have a contemporary air about them but work well in eclectic, traditional and modern country homes.

If you or a family member has respiratory difficulties like asthma or bronchitis, you do not need to be concerned that gel fuel or bio-ethanol fireplaces will irritate you. There is no off-gassing or harmful toxins and fumes released into the air.

A Wall Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace has real fire so you do need to use proper care when you are starting and burning a fire. You do not want to move the fireplace while you are burning a fire- always make a move with it once the fire is out. With bioethanol, you do not want to pour more fuel in while it is actively burning. Wait until the fire is out then add additional fuel. If any is spilled, clean it up promptly to avoid accidents. All models need to be positioned at least three feet away from any flammable materials.

Bioethanol Wall Mounted Fireplace

Wall Mount Fireplaces Require No Recess Here

Our Anywhere Fireplace wall mount models are not designed to be recessed into the wall or a cabinet. They get hot and need air flow around all sides so recessing these models is not possible. They do not take up a large amount of space though so you will be happy with a properly placed model hanging on your wall surface.

How To Refill Our Bioethanol Wallmounted Fireplaces

It is an uncomplicated process to add fuel to your wall mounted Anywhere Fireplace fireplace. First, never add fuel to a fire that is already burning. Let the fireplace cool down first. If it is cool to your touch, you are good to begin refilling.
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Use the provided funnel or one of your own [good reminder: do not use a funnel from the kitchen that you will then use for food. Cross-contamination is never a good thing.] and carefully pour the liquid bioethanol fuel in the reservoir. When you can see the fuel just above the perforated holes in the reservoir, you know you have added the correct amount. It is important to not overfill your fuel reservoir. If you happen to spill any fuel during this process, be sure you clean it up before you light your fireplace.

Now it is time to light your fireplace. Use a long lighter or long match to light the fuel you have added in the burner. Be aware that a small “flash” is possible when you are lighting a fire so always keep your face away from the burner when you are lighting it. Fuel that is unlit may produce some combustible fumes so it is a good idea to light the fire immediately after you have filled the fuel tank.

You are able to adjust the height of the flames in our wall mount fireplace models so you can have the flame height and heat output that you desire. Smaller flame will also allow your fuel to last longer. When you are ready to put your fire out, you use the handle provided with your fireplace to slide the burner lid completely closed over the opening of the reservoir. This cuts off the oxygen supply to the fuel and will snuff the flame out.

Wall Mount Fireplace Selection

Bioethanol Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Looking for an eye-catching feature for a room that lacks a little floor space but needs some pizzazz? Choose a wall mount fireplace!

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